13 November 2008

The world is poison

I recently succumbed to transgression prompted by a conversation about some poor woman I know who has a baby the same age as mine (9 months). This poor woman "never gets any time away from that baby!" The poor dear! Except the eight hours she works every day, and the three week vacation the baby took to visit his grandparents over the summer! Oh, poor, poor woman!

Nice. I hear these stories and instantly turn into a self-pitying, comparatively analyzing harpy. I start thinking about what a good person I am for not using formula and for taking care of my own children. Next thing you know I'll be congratulating myself for not mowing down pedestrians in crosswalks.


Dakotapam said...

I can relate. On a similar vein, the divorcee friend who mourns her weekend sleeping in ritual when her ex changes weekend visitation to weekday visitation due to his work schedule. I am to feel bad for her having to get out of bed on the weekend and not party all night. Meanwhile I get gripey that I am married to And LIVE WITH my boys' father and I don't get to sleep in either!

Reb. Mary said...

Not mowing down pedestrians doesn't count? Not even on the really bad days? Darn. I've got some recalculating to do.

Gauntlets said...

Wow. I don't think the grandparents around here would stand three weeks with their beloved baby grandchild.

Surely that's a legend. Or something.

sarahd said...

Yea, three weeks! Before 1 one year. I was giddy when I got three hours, not including naptime.

I can already hear me whining when my daugther gives up her afternoon nap.

MooreMama said...

and the three week vacation the baby took to visit his grandparents over the summer!

Seriously? We were talking about leaving our baby with her grandma and taking a mad dash to the nearest bigger city to do some Christmas shopping, promising to return in 5-6 hours, and it's leaving me in a panic. Who leaves their infant for weeks?!?