08 November 2008


Dakota Pam wants to know seven random things about us.

1. The CSPP bloggers live in three contiguous states.

2. The CSPP bloggers were born in three contiguous years.

3. Two CSPP bloggers have nearly identical given names.

4. Two CSPP bloggers had never spoken to each other in person at the time of this blog's inception.

5. One CSPP blogger used to be the boss of the other two.

6. One CSPP blogger has never lived in New York City, one has never lived in Slovakia*, and one has never lived in Wisconsin.

7. Two CSPP bloggers play the flute, and one plays the tuba.

We tag everybody, especially you.

*lived is being defined as "had to launder their clothing in the bathtub numerous times." We've got nothing on Ashley.


Gauntlets said...

I am a Concordian Sister, and I support this tag thing response. ;)

Reb. Mary said...

Me three :)

Joy said...

You know, as far as Perpetual Parturition is concerned, don't we meet that criteria as long as one of us is gestating?

I'm done with my 41w2d, so whose turn is it after Gauntlets?

Gauntlets said...

Good work, Joy. :)

The rest of us are on our own schedules. Which is to say, we don't really care all that much.