20 November 2008


I keep statistics in my head of every woman I've ever heard of who has a big family. How many kids? How old is she? When did she start? How far are they spaced? Were there longer intervals as she got older? C-sections? VBAC? And what's her vehicle of choice?

Lots of room, and the modern sleek/blocky stylings would coordinate so well with my gun.

I wish there were CSPP trading cards. I'd have those numbers memorized like a 10 year old knows his Fleer Ultras. I'd get together with my friends Reb. Mary and Gauntlets and we'd do nothing but marvel over Karin, Pam, Heidi, Linda . . . . Maybe the three of us together with our promising rookie seasons would be worth trading for a LaRena or a Dort. I want to know greatest turnovers, argue about who had the most unbelievable season, freak out over pelvimetry ratings (how 'bout that pixie Gauntlets?!) . . . it would be really twisted.

And--gently now--heartbreak factor? How inextricable a part of any woman's maternal career, and how deep a fear even for those who have yet been spared it.

I'll leave it to you to decide how messed up this is.


MooreMama said...

Does it mean that I'm a Big Nerd if I am fascinated by this post or that I want to do a whole study of this very thing?
Trading cards would be so cool.

Hi. I'm MooreMama. I hung out on a farm team for six or seven years before I got the call to the Bigs, where I'm in my rookie season and worrying about being past my prime all at the same time.

MooreMama said...

oh - and thanks for the emails. y'all are the bomb-diggity.

Monique said...

That's funny. These are precisely the thoughts that plague my faithless mind at night.

Right now we are batting about 1 every 16 months or so. This has me wringing my hands and nervous considering my age.

When it's all said and done, what will the final stats say for me? And will I still be alive to tell about it? :-O

StephRosburg said...

LOL. You guys are funny! I love the idea of trading cards!

Your post reminded me of a family I know. I spend a good deal of time with them for a couple of years when our ministry overlapped. Their family and I (with many others) went on some mission trips to Mexico. Of course, they were the highlight and you'll see why when/if you look at their website. So far, Bruce and Diane Crevier have 10 children. It was amazing to hang out with their family, in their family BUS, and see how they lived (so different from the way I was rasied--with only two brothers!).

Here's their website:
You'll be introduced to the whole family on the site! Diane, I believe, averages one every two years.

Marie M said...

This "stat problem" haunt me, as well. I have to continually remind myself not to judge others, but to reach out with love instead.

Is this situation (of always keeping track of others' children's ages, spacing of children, number, etc) unique to CSPPers- just because we're hoping beyond all hopes that this woman might have a heart like ours, (therefore not thinking we're freaks)? Or do all women do this to some extent because we are relational?

Any thoughts?

Karin said...

That IS my dream van. My dh has the design of the brake booster on this vehicle. Isn't that exciting? I lost him to Europe for several years of trips to work on this. He went for a week or so every few months. THAT was the most stressful season for me I would say. Four kids and a single mom. We did take a trip to Italy and France for two weeks though as a result......five kids.

Rebekah said...

Moore Mama, great profile! :D

Monique, 16 MONTHS!!! You are a Hall of Famer already.

Steph, cool. I'll check them out.

Marie, my motivation is looking for clues as to how long I'll be in this and what kind of numbers I can expect to put up . . . not exactly irreproachable either.

Karin, 4 kids and no dad is also Hall of Fame material if you ask me.

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

We have a silver 10-seat 2007 Sprinter. Gas, not diesel. ...classy! We have one more seat to fill, then we'll have to upgrade to the 12-seater (now standard as of 2008).

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Oh! I forgot the other stats.

How many kids?

Nine, including two in Heaven.

How old is she?


When did she start?


How far are they spaced?

17, 16, 13, 11, 7, 3, and 4 mo. <-click to see

Were there longer intervals as she got older?





See above

And what's her vehicle of choice?

Anything but a Sprinter.

Reb. Mary said...

My motives for my intense interest in the stats, as in all things CSPP, are intensely mixed :O

Dr H, awwww....good lookin' clan :)

Reb. Mary said...

Hey, wait a minute--why don't I have a gun?!

Rebekah said...

Dr H, sweet. I'm wondering if a wiki is in order . . . .

RM, You should have one in a few months if your b-day goes anything like mine. No impromptu c-sections by psychos for me!

Joy said...

I just can't see myself pulling into the McD's drive-tru in that thing....

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Our Micky-D's has a 9 foot high drive through. No problem!

Gauntlets said...

I hope to receive my gun this Christmas. I'm a little bummed Rebekah managed to get hers first. ;)

As for keeping track of stats: is it evil to consider in the competition factor? Yeah. It probably is. :D

Joy said...

Erich, you can do my kids' teeth any time! WOW!

Mossback Meadow said...

My big question is "how old was she when she had her last one?"
And what happens to people after they have that last baby anyway? Do they keep trying but nothing happens? Do they move into twin beds by mutual agreement?

That verse about "in pain will you bring forth children, yet your desire will be for your husband" fascinates me.

Pam said...

I've been too busy with life to read and comment for awhile. FWIW, I was 21, they average 16-17 months apart, including the time I squeezed in a cholycysectomy between #4 and #5. The exceptions would be when I had a thyroid med issue for a long time, and that made it more like a whopping 19 months, and most recently my nervous breakdown and severe depression, which gave me the rare occasion of 21 long months between.

As far as age at having the "last" one, I am sure that varies as much as does the age at which the change occurs. My sister asked us after we were married when we were going to "stop" having kids. I said without hesitation, "When I hit menopause." Boy was that a conversation stopper! ;)

Mossback Meadow: If I can say this carefully, to avoid censure from the CSPP, when you've been practicing that long, it would be illogical to move into twin beds. Why stop while one is ahead? ;D And I don't mean the kids part.

Regarding vehicles, the 15 passenger Ford Club Wagon we have will last us a long time, but I REALLY wanted a minibus. No kidding, they are safer, with a lower center of gravity. But them I am an odd sort, perhaps, that lives to drive "big" rigs. I have always wanted a 3/4 ton pickup for my "car" (Yes I KNOW it's not practical) and I thrilled to learn how to drive a skid loader last month. Next time they said they'll let me try the backhoe. hee hee

No c-sections here, thus far, and for that matter no twins. Yet. :)

Judging? Comparing? Competing?Yup, I used to do that. Okay, sometimes still happens. Mostly I am just more thankful for the little ones I have, and humbled by the responsibility of it all. The most humbling part is that for some reason known only to HIM, He chose to bless us with all these kids even though I am SOOO unworthy and SOOOO not good at this.

Michelle in NM said...

I'm a rookie late starter but we're not planning on turning back to our pre-having kiddos days. You ladies continue to give me encouragement in my journey as a mom.
Here the stats:
I have 4 under 4 at the moment.
I am 36.
My first one was born when I was 33. (like I said - late starter - various reasons/excuses - not necessarily always good)
Spacing: 18 months, 24 months, 2 minutes (LOL twin girlies 2 months old today)
C-section: for twins yes
VBAC: every intention on the next ones
Vehicle: Ford Windstar that is already way to small - looking for something more accommodating after the new year

Keep up the encouragement nuggets of wisdom. I find this blog, you ladies, to be blessings.


Reb. Mary said...

Michelle: In my book, 2 minutes counts as a very impressive turnaround time :) Congrats!

Rebekah said...

Mossback Meadow, those latter years have me very worried. :(

Pam, you're a machine. Good golly. Be sure to post a pic when you get your backhoe lesson. :D

Michelle, I've been wondering about you! Glad you're on the radar and sounding balanced! Nice work.

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Answering for my dear wife:

How many children?

Eleven, including one in heaven and one on the way (due February).

How old is she?

42 now (43 in February).

When did she start?

20 -- Our first child was born a few weeks before my wife turned 21.

How far are the children spaced?

24 months, 5-1/2 years (coinciding exactly with my seminary education), 19 months, 26 months, 22 months, 21 months, 34 months, 23 months, and, God-willing, 26 months (with a miscarriage intervening)

Were there longer intervals as she got older?

Not really.


One (the most recent delivery)


We're hoping, but no guarantees.

And what's her vehicle of choice?

Dodge Ram 3500 15-passenger Van (not really a choice, but it's what we have, and it's paid off)

Anonymous said...

Wife of Rev Rick can't find her way out from under "sock mountain" to answer for self. If she did...a dust bunny attack or some kind of germ warfare would surely foil plans of sitting in front of the computer!

Rebekah said...

Now that sounds authoritative! :D