25 November 2008

Saving me the trouble of posting yet again

Read Father Rick saying dangerously true things about big families if you haven't already.

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Pam said...

Oh, and I DID! Wonderfully true. Very affirming. Strangely scary in a way...

On my adventure in the city all day with all eight children yesterday, I met a woman who had four children with her. I greeted her, and she said I must get twice the comments she gets. How funny, that we know what that means without it being said!

We mused over the fact that strangers look at us funny when the THIRD child is on the way. She said with the fourth, they must dismiss her as crazy and don't pay any attention to it anymore.

I will say, I had such a challenge to hold it all together for all our engagements that I really appreciated having so many encouraging words from the strangers I met at Sam's Club. One gal, who said "hang in there" also has eight. And what's even more weird, she's not old! I mean, usually anyone who can relate is from at least my parents' generation, if not more like my grandparents' ages.

Amazing what a boost it can be to feel like I am actually NOT any crazier than the average bear.