27 November 2008

Not with a bang but a whimper

Five-year-old: (Surveys house strewn with sleeping adults while the five of us sit here in the smallest room we have) Is this how Thanksgiving ends?

Yes, dear. Every year.

Reporting live.


Joy said...

I'm beginning to think that, due to Princess #2's rotten, defiant, horrid-hellion nature, hosting Thanksgiving would be less stressful than chasing her around someone else's house. Of course, next year it'll be Princess #3 who is the handful.

Rebekah, in the 2001-2002 sem mug book, I'm right next to you in the grad section. I'm very pregnant in the picture and was obviously coming out of a blink when the shot was taken. Please don't hate me because I'm hideous. :-)

Rosie said...

Oof...sorry bout that...

Pam said...

Sorry, I have never understood that about this and other holidays. I find it depressing; more power to anyone who finds joy in cooking till you're exhausted, eating till you are stuffed, then having to look at all the cleanup when all you want to do is sleeeeeep.

I'm all for the afternoon nap, jeepers, I could (and often do) take one every Sunday afternoon! :) But I have enough trouble dragging on a daily basis, I prefer not to invite more of it.


Gauntlets said...


GirlOne admitted that she thinks of Thanksgiving as a mere pitstop on the way to Christmas. For once, I think I'm with her. ;)

Rebekah said...

Joy, hosting beats traveling hands down. And I'm afraid our mug books have gone the way of all flesh so I won't be able to check out your lousy pic--how disappointing!

Ro, obviously anyone who had the misfortune of traveling and then spent half the night up with her own kid is exempt from my grumping.

Pam, I'm pretty far from Martha Stewart. It's just that everyone else considers Thanksgiving a holiday, ie a day off, ie a day they're entitled to sleep whenever there isn't any eating going on. And when you're asleep, you don't notice who isn't.

Dakotapam said...

I much prefer hosting. Joy, you would be a fabulous Thanksgiving host...go for it next year...you'll be glad you did!

MooreMama said...

After the Baby Meltdown '08 occurred at Thanksgiving at my sister's, I thought that hosting the Semi-Annual Settlers (game, recommended) Tourny at my house would be easier - you know, familiar surroundings, her own bed, etc etc. Not so much.

Between the bedtime fighting by the baby and the shushing of the gamers by the mama, I'm thinking that we'll never do any socializing after 7 pm ever again.