01 November 2008

New Lows

1. If you can't find the facepaint and it's time to trick or treat, you can always use a Sharpie for noses and whiskers. But how will you get it off their dear little faces, you ask? Just put the kids to bed without bathing them. Most of the ink will smear off gently and naturally into their pillows overnight.

2. A year ago, when this blog was an ugly wrinkled newborn instead of the snot-nosed urchin it's become, I think I complained about this locality's deep commitment to Halloween. Revoco. Two nights of trick-or-treating mean that inferior treats acquired the first night can be redistributed from one's own door on the second, saving you money and sugar. And you thought regifting was only for Christmas and baby showers!

3. When I was a kid I never knew why I, of the four children in our family, always had the most candy even though we all went trick-or-treating together. Now I know that it is because as the oldest, I was the most likely to notice and protest if my candy started disappearing. We haven't touched Big Girl's bag, but Dad and I have hit Little Girl's HARD.