18 November 2008


A couple of months ago Kelly was stopped on a roller coaster, waiting in that immeasurable moment at the top for the plunge. She, of course, was hovering in due date territory. I'm creaking up to another peak, always straining to hear if there's one more ratchet left or if I've summited Mt. Waiting To Be Pregnant Again. Every day the baby's first birthday gets closer, the tension builds. Once I was already pregnant by this time. I seem to have paced myself somewhat less gruelingly since then, but you never know.

Blech, I just read through this again before posting it and it made my stomach squinch up. :P (Not that it wouldn't be wonderful to be pregnant, of course. But it would make my stomach squinch up.)


Reb. Mary said...

>>Not that it wouldn't be wonderful to be pregnant, of course. But it would make my stomach squinch up.<<

1) You are brave :)
2) It would make everything squinch up. And down. And all around. :D

Gauntlets said...

So, you're saying we should start the betting pool now? Sweet. And you've both given me yet another useful word to describe how things are going: "I'm just squinchy, thanks!" :D

Wonderful is about as wonderful as it gets, of course. Wonderfully so.

Rebekah said...

Don't get excited. I'm downright old any more, as my husband loves to point out (you should have heard his comment last night about eggs hobbling down tubes assisted by crutches and walkers). And you'd have at least a trimester to wait anyway. I can never forget that one shocking turnover, though.

MooreMama said...

That reminds me - I have about 3.5 months (plus or minus) before I start that wondering. Well, my Dr says that EBF is good at keeping ovulation at bay for about 6 months. After that, he's not making any promises. I could use some Real Life Anecdotes, here, please and thank you.

Here's my Problem: I'm not so good at that whole "let go and let God" thing. I want to Control. I'm going to need some encouragement at keeping the TTC Monster squished down.

Rebekah said...

MooreMama, email us and I'll send you my stats if you're interested.

Kelly said...

Ha ha ha. We are EBFing and being ecological over here and I only got 3 months out of the deal. Whoopee! (no pun intended) It's so much fun to bring the average down. :O