10 November 2008

Blessed, blessed St Martin

I know I'm early, but I thought you might want a little time to prep.

The babies and I got a book about Germany from the library a while ago. One of the things it talked about was St Martin's Day, and that it's traditional in Germany for children to pick one of their toys to give away to the poor.

The CSPP perfect storm! Educate, live the liturgical calendar, be charitable, kill an hour of your interminable day, and clear some schwat out of your house! Our kids have been looking forward to it ever since we read about it, perceiving that they will have less to pick up. So gather round tomorrow and read about good old St Martin (with obvious Luther tie-in), hand everybody a bag, and start cutting cloaks. Hard to say who will benefit most.


Gauntlets said...

I love the charitable clearing of interminable schwat. This is so great, I may just use St. Martin in my Christmas Threat to Family this year:

"I understand that you feel deeply moved by love to purchase those toys for my children. Please feel additionally moved to donate those toys directly to the children who will end up getting them anyway, and lovingly save us the trouble."

Reb. Mary said...