23 August 2008

Olympic roundup

Trampoline, people. It's an event. Think of it as diving for naturally beautiful and graceful people who just never figured out how to keep their feet from going in first. Not that I would know anything about that.
Rhythmic gymnastics. What happened to the ribbons? And didn't there used to be balls, too? Why isn't this getting the air time I remember from Seoul? Surely NBC isn't deliberately snubbing the 5-12 year old female demographic?

Synchronized swimming. Such remarkable talent, and so strangely applied.


Blogversary said...

I saw the ribbons dancing on Sat. I am amazed that they never actually hula with hula hoop. They just throw it around a lot and jump through it.

Thursday's Child said...

We didn't get dish this summer and while I'm glad we didn't, I do wish we could have watched the Olympics.