21 August 2008

Just you and me, Bébé

There’s nothing like a Great Family Vacation Adventure to lessen one’s inhibitions about breastfeeding in public. Here’s just sampling of places BabyBoy nursed last week:

Dockside picnic table overlooking Parade of Tall Ships, amid intermittent cannon salutes

Bleachers overlooking Rams’ summer training camp

Corner booth at Culver’s

Bench at downtown Farmer’s Market

Lawn chair at outdoor salsa concert

Picnic table next to quarry-turned-sandy-beach-swimming-hole

Shady nook at Irish Fest, within earshot of local pub band Blarney and Friends and Celtic rockers Seven Nations.

(Yup, lots of great food and music on this vacation)

All this fun was facilitated by the awesome nursing cover my mom got me when Boy the Latest was born (Product, Recommended!):

I could only hope to look so holistic and tranquil while nursing... And my cover is a different pattern. Though Mint Chocolate does sound awfully tasty...excuse me while I go do something about that...


MooreMama said...

OH - not only do I SO hope to be a milk-producing mama, but I hope to get over my own self enough to be able to bf in public. I do already have a sling (one of those basic pouch-y types) but am looking for real-life recommendations.... something besides throwing a blanket over the baby.

The Rev. BT Ball said...

Throwing the blanket over seems to do the trick for the mother of my dear ones, that is when the youngest isn't pulling her mother's hair out or pinching her or biting her while feeding.

But, of course I am clueless and will leave the gyno-world of CSPP now.

B. Ball

Rebekah said...

I've made do with a blanket too, but babies don't much care for them and they're basically a pain. That thingamajig looks pretty sweet. I like how you can still see the baby to make sure everything's going like it should.

Mrs. Maschke said...

I actually had a friend make one for me with kid one...she bought one and decided she wanted to mess with the design. They are great!

Christine said...

Oh, I have a nursing cover like that. It has made life so much easier with baby #2. Best money I spent this time around.

Liz said...

My husband's Godmother made a crib sized flat sheet that I use for feeding... but in places I feel it is appropriate, I don't cover. Mallory's been overheating easily as it's been hot here and different places keep different indoor temperatures.

Michelle in NM said...

I did the lightweight blanket (usually a crochet blanket) deal for 1st and 2nd little ones. I'm not sure how I'm going to tandem nurse in public with twin girlies though. Should be interesting. Any suggestions? A tent perhaps? :)

Rebekah said...

Michelle, when you figure it out, please report back! :O

Reb. Mary said...

Yes, I would definitely put this cover in the Worth It category of baby purchases. I've found it to be superior to the classic blanket, particularly in summer, since it's so lightweight and packable. Then too, BabyBoy is to the stage of strongly disliking being covered, grabbing the corner of the fabric and flailing about--and he can't yank this off like he can a blanket. He's calmer under this cover than under a blanket, since I can discreetly peek at him and he can still look up to smile at me (ah, this nursing thing, it's not all bad...those sideways upward glances and quick little grins, they cover over a multitude of discomfort...)

And Michelle, we do look forward to hearing about it! I'm thinking that tandem nursing could actually be an Olympic event, come to think of it...And just think how fast those pregnancy pounds will disappear, with two babies nursing :)