09 August 2008

Disturbing quotation of the week

This article (which was recently reprinted in our local paper) discusses the difficulty parents face in trying to determine which TV shows are "appropriate" for their kids.

Since parents find it taxing and time-consuming to screen what their kids are watching, Lee Woodruff, mom and parenting topics reporter, offers this advice: "That's where the mom network is really helpful. I can't know about all the shows that are appropriate for them ... so I'll do a quick 411 info gathering. 'What are your girls watching? What's it like?'"

And here's my favorite part of the article: "It takes a village of cable TV watchers."

Um, or maybe we could NOT rely on cable TV, and other people's opinions thereof, to raise our kids? Just a thought...


Rebekah said...

Wow. No time to watch TV with the kids. The modern mother really has it rough.

Gauntlets said...

Here's the real benefit: Cable TV makes children even more unmanageable than they already are! Which is so awesome! I love networking to make my job even harder.