06 March 2008

Shelf-snatching, ct'd.

Another sufficiently satisfying snag from a recent high-speed chase through the library:
Sandra Boynton's "Dog Train" book and cd.

Boy1 will actually SIT and listen to the cd, turning the pages at more or less the proper places. Not what we'd want to listen to every day, and it leads to some questions that are hard to answer, such as "Why are they looking for Cow Planet?" but in these long winter days, we can't be too picky. And that's the beauty of children's library books: Just when you think your head will explode if you have to read "Muck's Muddy Day" one more time--oh look, it's due back. (Never mind that whole renewal thing; they haven't figured it out yet.)

Anyway, I've found a favorite in this Boynton book. It could be today's theme song, actually, for those of us who went to bed too late after church last night and got up too early this morning.

"I Need A Nap"

Well, the sun is still high in the afternoon sky,
but the morning seems so long ago.
I was happy before and I'm not anymore,
though why there's a change I don't know.

I'm so tired of this day and I don't want to play
and I don't want a story to read.
But I look in your eyes and at once realize
that I know what it is...yes, I know what it is...
now I know what it is that I need--


I just can't take anymore.


Can't stay awake anymore.
No more running around--
I just need to lie down
and sleeeeeeep!


Anonymous said...
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johnqmercy said...

Sounds exactly like my day at work somehow. Funny the way wherever you are ends up like that, if you stay long enough. hee.
About dog books, and i keep forgetting to ask, have you read James Herriot's 'Dog Stories'? If you haven't, let me know.

Reb. Mary said...

Hey jqm,

You mean they don't let you nap at work? :) But I'm refusing to have too much sympathy for you today--I mean, you can probably just go outside and touch a palm tree--a PALM TREE--TROPICAL FLORA--right now if you want to, can't you? Anything we touched outside right now, we'd freeze to! But check back in June and July--we'll have the last laugh then. Or something like that.

Don't think I've read 'Dog Stories,' though I've read and thoroughly enjoyed some of his other books. Ahhh, brings back the memories of those childhood Saturday evenings with BBC's "All Creatures..."