26 March 2008

Seeking American Wisdom

We just received our Economic Stimulus Act notice from the IRS this morning. We're in the money, I guess. And I guess I should be feeling pretty great that my government loves me so much and gives me all it's nice borrowed cash. So let's just say that's how it is. I just love that my government is borrowing cash and doling it out to poor little scrubs like me. How thoughtful.

But now there's the question of how to spend this borrowed cash. My knee-jerk desire is to put it in the bank, but I don't get the feeling that Mother Gov. wants this. Saving isn't stimulating. So, as a patriot, I should spend the ever-loving heck out of it. Here's the problem: everything I want is made in China or India or Iguanistan . . . and while I'm no economist (or even the ghost of an economist), spending Chinese money on Chinese goods to inspire American economic growth sounds fishy. Sushi. Tsunami. Splash.

So I figure that it's my American duty to bypass the Chinese stuff and do one of two things: 1. Give those dollars away. 2. Spend them local (as in, really local; like, direct-from-the-fatta-the-land local).

The first option hurts a bit. I like money as much as the next patriot. But I figure if I skip the retail sector and give my Economic Stimulus check to, say, the church, then those dollars are doing their jobs paying out people who do their jobs. That's stimulus, right? Help me out here.

The second option hurts as much as the first. I want an outdoor grill more than I want locally raised steaks to pan fry in the house. But the local farmer holds a dear place in my ignorant little heart, and I'd like nothing better than to fill his coffer a bit more full. That's stimulus, too? Yeah?

Ack! The pressure! It's starting to get to me! I'm seeing spots! Out! Out!

Please advise here, people. My principles are giving all of us headaches.


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Heh heh.

My "stimulus" is actually going to go to pay bills. The stimulus my wife and I committed is already in the economy. :)

Donating to the church is a cool idea, though.

Rebekah said...

For the love of beef, buy the grill! And then roast yourself up a Nebraska bovine on it. As Dan points out, you're already going above and beyond for the economy with your contribution of consumers.

Jane said...

Even though I am completely opposed to its very existence, I've spent ours at least five or six times in my mind. :)

It will probably pay for our new carpet so that we can sell our house and move into town, closer to church.

Jason said...

This is what I plan to do with it: I plan to pay off debt and this is why. When a person's debt is decreased more of their regular income is free spend (stimulate the economy), give (stimulate the economy of others so they can spend), and save (stimulate the economy by my future spending as well as allowing others in whom that money is invested in to spend). To spend the money now will impact the economy, in my view, on a very short-term basis and not have the impact that our government really wants on the long term.


Pr. H. R. said...

O Gauntlets! I can see from your heartfelt pleas that you are a true daughter of Beautiful Nebraska, Peaceful Prairie Land. Land of Many Rivers (and the Hills of Sand).

So examine your heart to see whether you are still in the faith. What American made product settled our fair and native Nebraska? What American made product does your home currently lack that is written into the very fabric of the Republic's founding documents? What American made product is necessary to a pioneer lifestyle?

Of course: a firearm.

By my calculations, your share of Leviathan State's Largess will be $2100. Plenty of cash for a $119 grill from Walmart, plus a deer gun, pheasant/duck gun, and a hand-gun, and still you will have money to put in the bank (at least a half to a third of the total). Plus, whatever you spend on a Ruger or Remington will more than make up for the Chinese grill.

Indeed: most farmers have a spare 30-30 they'd like to sell. Buy one used from your local rancher and you will have hit the motherlode nexus of protectionist economics and pioneer can-doism.

One further thought: Do you want the King of England to quarter troops in your house? What's stopping him now?

I'll be in touch with Rev. Gauntlets. . .


Gauntlets said...

Wow, you guys have really eased the load on my soul. Thank you.

Father H.R.: You influence is loud around these here parts. My master mentioned something about an email? Soon we'll have a sweet, cuddly little Remington (or whatever)to keep us warm at night. And serve up some flesh foods, I hope.