27 March 2008

Diapering ethics stink.

At long last, my diaper questions sort of answered (yes, I do occasionally read something other than National Review). An additional variable we have to factor in is the passing on of utility costs to the congregation, since that's part of Dad's compensation--this sure gets complicated.

I'm intrigued by the gDiapers link at the end, but my cursory investigation, which is all I have the time and energy for right now, seems to indicate that this is yet another one of those products which allows only rich people to do the responsible thing?


Kelly said...

Oooh!! You have no idea how much time I have spent investigating garments whose sole purpose is to catch poo. I've decided on cloth, partly for environmental stewardship reasons, but mostly for health reasons. I'm not crazy about having sodium polyacrylate gel in contact with baby's skin 24/7 - that was the same absorbent gel that caused the toxic shock syndrome related to tampon usage back in the 80's and 90's. CDing may be a little more work, but considering I've never been committed to any other type of diapering system, I figure I won't know what I'm missing.

From what I've read on a few different forums, gDiapers aren't all that great anyway. It seems that the most economical and and environmentally friendly way to diaper remains good old prefolds and covers. But the covers seem to have come a long way from the nylon pants of old. I was planning on putting up a few links to the cloth diapering sites I've found helpful. There is so much to choose from, and some of the covers are really cute. I was planning on doing a post on it when I get a good block of free time and my brain isn't quite so fried.

Rebekah said...

By all means, think this through for me and tell me what to do! I'll be waiting eagerly.

Gauntlets said...

Now listen, ladies. There's this great method that neither of you have even mentioned: Go diaperless! You click your tongue and the baby pees directly on the floor! No middle man!


What? No? You. Have. No. Vision.

Kelly said...

Elimination communication! I wanted to give that a try in conjunction with the CDing. Yet another supposed benefit of cloth - earlier potty training. I know that EC is used extensively in Asia and in Africa. It's gaining popularity here too, and actually makes quite a bit of sense, especially for those who babywear.

Gauntlets said...

Why, Kelly! You have vision! A lot of vision and I think you're great. :) Please let me know which method you like best once your little person is on the scene and I'll happily follow your lead.

Disposable diapers smell funny even before the baby insults them. That can't be right. . . but everything else looks HARD. And priiiiiiicey.