31 October 2007

Studies in Gender Identity

So, as the mother of 3 boys (so far) and no girls (yet), I often wonder whether my boys are doing boy things, kid things, or idiosyncratic things. (Boy #3 currently weighs less than a pound, but is no doubt delighted about the recent development of his hearing, so that he can listen in on his two older brothers and come out knowing exactly what to do. Eeeep!)

Today's question:
Living across the block from a grain elevator, we have quite a few trains go by.
Here's how my boys (3 and 1.5) react when they hear the rumble on the tracks or hear the horn:

They freeze.
Their eyes widen.
Their nostrils flare.
Then they drop whatever they're doing and scramble madly to the nearest window with a view of the tracks.
Each of them has done this since shortly after his first birthday.

Does anyone have, or know, girls who do this?
The girls of our acquaintance seem to have only a minor interest in trains, at best, particularly if they're already involved in an interesting activity.


The Gauntlets said...

Our little nephew (1) feels the same way about the trains that barrel through our town, though our son (3) doesn't seem much interested anymore.

Our daughter thinks trains are something that drag behind dresses. Toy trains are a bit fun when they come to her tea parties, but aren't much fun when her brother wields them through the doll house.

I didn't know you were soon to be queen-mother of a triumvirate. Congratulations. :)

Reb. Mary said...

Tea parties, sigh. Maybe someday...

Meanwhile, I make the most of enjoying the mud and chaos. Good thing I always tended to be the tomboyish sort. I think starting out with 3 girls in a row would have freaked me out more than 3 boys.

The Gauntlets said...

Ha! I will say my big girl gets the best of me with her head tosses, etc. The other day I walked in on her crying (AGAIN) and was in a good enough mood to find out what was wrong.

"Momma, I'm so sad that I'll never be able to ride on a pegasus. They just AREN'T real, and it breaks my heart."

Huh? Um . . .

I made her drop and give me 20 before assigning her to some hard labor. Where does she get this stuff? I mean, I could see crying over something REALLY tragic, like the mythical state of griffins or something, but pegasus? ;)

Rebekah said...

We have tracks within sight of our house and girl the second always trotted over to see the train when it rolled by this summer (she had just turned 1). She also likes playing with cars, and I'm not sure if it's weird or just that her older sister never did it because we didn't have cars in the house at that point, not having had a boy yet. The Gauntlets have a lot more patience for all the girl stuff than I do--I've been working hard to squelch the princess thing ever since certain little girls were made aware of it. The rule in our house is to skip middle management and go straight for queen.