07 March 2013

Learn from the animals

From a friend whose cat just had her first litter of kittens:

Buttercup had another baby at about 10:30pm, so 3 orange and 1 grey. She is a horrible mother, all night I would wake up to kittens crying and she would be sleeping soundly with me and not her kids. I am afraid I may end up bottle feeding them. Mercy, what a little dummy.

Buttercup, I am right there with you. What you just been through sista! You need some SLEEPSES!


Untamed Shrew said...

I think this is hilarious. I keep coming back just to smile at it.

Reb. Mary said...


Incidentally, I have consumed very few Quarter Pounders in my life, but one of them was about two hours after BoyTwo was born. And I think I looked pretty much like that. Except my fur was a little more ruffled.

Rebekah said...

My husband and I had a nice, reasonable discussion about this picture and agreed that it is exactly what I look like after delivering a baby. Bloated and hangry.

Leah said...

Funny, right after I have a baby I usually look fine. It's just for the four - six (7, 8,?) months following that I'm all bloated and hangry. :P

(And don't I wish there was someone around to feed my baby if I left him crying while I slept soundly in a separate bedroom. Where's the "nurse"?!)