20 March 2013

Husband talk

I find women differ much, both in the degree and manner in which their feelings will permit them to talk about their husbands. I have known women set a whole community against their husbands by the way in which they trumpeted their praises; and I have known one woman set everybody against herself by the way in which she published her husband's faults. I find it difficult to believe either sort. To praise one's husband is so like praising one's self, that to me it seems immodest, and subject to the same suspicion as self-laudation; while to blame one's husband, even justly and openly, seems to me to border upon treachery itself.

The Vicar's Daughter, George MacDonald


Cheryl said...

I have been told I am the first type of woman. I guess I'd rather be her than the other one.

Reb. Mary said...

An insightful extrapolation from one-fleshness.

Cheryl, definitely better to err on the side of the first. And a quietly and appropriately placed word of admiration here and there (from either spouse) goes quite far (for their earthly relationship, for the witness to the Heavenly marriage, and as antidote to how everyone on TV talks about their spouses. If they've even gotten as far as spouse. :P).

Alas that we tend to hear so much more blaming than trumpeting. The public blaming is indeed treachery (and treacherous). Double alas that it has become not merely habitual but considered snarky-funny in our culture. But then again maybe it was already like that in MacDonald's day. I read that guy's stuff and think, "Nope, nothing new under the sun. He's nailed sinful (or sometimes merely quirky) human nature yet again.")

Melrose said...

cheery. ;)