14 March 2013

Family makeout photography

I don't think a straight man thought of it.


Melrose said...

OK, this made me laugh, even though my sister is a photographer and I think her pictures are art and gorgeous...but your bubbles couldn't be more accurate I think... and hilarious.

Katy said...

You on this, Rebekah? I see marketing opportunity for Boob Hell


Reb. Mary said...

btw Rebekah I keep meaning to thank you for picking a decent example here. Some of the stuff out there...it's just so...out there ;P

read it said...

I like this one:


I hate tattoos, but I still like the photo.

Also, in the picture you posted the woman has a really prominent brow ridge. If her face were turned a little more to the camera, the ridge would be less prominent and she would appear more feminine, so I wonder whether she would think she looks good.