28 March 2012

Plaid to the bone

The LL Bean catalog (aka Mom's Guide to Coveting) came today. I liked the cover redesign thingy they're doing for their 100th anniversary.

Here's a cover from 1956:

Here's how a photographer reproduced it:

Naturally I was just interested in the chick. Her body type seems to have gotten more realistic over the years, but she's not quite as buttoned as she used to be. :D


Anonymous said...

All interesting observations. I'm interested in the chick too, but it's her facial expression that kills me. That is exactly how I look at my husband when he attempts to hand me fish that need a-cleanin'. I don't care if he is holding that angel. Give her to me and you can clean the fish. I am very happy to do the lion's share of the cooking, but I do not clean, butcher or otherwise process animals. Quartering a chicken is as close as I get and it took me more than a decade of marriage to get there. Who knows? Maybe by the time he retires I will clean those fish!


HappyFox said...

I was wondering about her expression too. I was thinking, "Ok, put the sleeping child down and clean the fish. I'll start the fire and start sautéing onions."

And where's her chest? I like that she's not depicted with a 15" waist anymore, but did she have to lose her breasts in the process?

"Mom's Guide to Coveting" - ROFL!

Katy said...

I'll clean a fish over quartering a chicken any day.

Cathy said...

They also removed the frying pan, so maybe that's the feminist solution: "Okay then, nobody will cook the fish."

pekoponian said...

Mmm. Sushi.