20 November 2011

What I remember from high school

Sheesh, I've been looking for this poem on the internets for years. Finally found it here. Thought you should know.

Peter Viereck

Night-watchmen think of dawn and things auroral.
Clerks wistful for Bermudas think of coral.
The poet in New York still thinks of laurel.
(But lovers think of death and touch each other
As if to prove that love is still alive.)

The Martian space-crew, in an Earthward dive,
Think of their sweet unearthly earth Up There,
Where darling monsters romp in airless air.
(Two lovers think of death and touch each other,
Fearing that day when only one's alive.)

We think of cash, but cash does not arrive.
We think of fun, but fate will not connive.
We never mention death. Do we survive?
(The lovers think of death and touch each other
To live their love while love is yet alive.)

Prize-winners are so avid when they strive;
They race so far; they pile their toys so high
Only a cad would trip them. Yet they die.
(The lovers think of death and touch each other;
Of all who live, these are the most alive.)

Plump creatures smack their lips and think they thrive;
The hibernating bear, but half alive,
Dreams of free honey in a stingless hive.
He thinks of life at every lifeless breath.
(The lovers think of death.)


lisa said...

How fitting on this bleak Autumn day.

I'm going to go touch my coffee to prove I'm still alive.

Gauntlets said...

I am glad someone knows of what the Marian space-crew thinks, because I've been in suspense about it for eons now.

Gauntlets said...


But now I must also know of what the Marian space-crew thinks. And who will tell me? Will it be you? WILL IT?!?

Leah said...

The book you linked to looks rather tempting to read as well.

Lisa - coffee :D

Rebekah said...

Gauntlets, I always figured you'd be the one to enlighten us about the Marian space crew. Or Pastor Weedon.

Anonymous said...

Peter Viereck


Is he a square or what?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. German names still crack me up.

Rebekah said...


I've always thought having a noun for a last name would be tiring. So much weight there at the end.