09 August 2011

OK. But, why?

Baby clothes with words on them. Words like, "cutie pie," or "Daddy's biggest fan," or "Mommy's perfect pumpkin." Perhaps these little epithets are necessary because I would not otherwise notice how very like pie, or how windy, or how gourd-shaped the wearer is. Or perhaps they are prophecies? Or imperatives! Yes! Go! Pie!

I just know these are things I am expected to understand in order to be a good mother. Alas, I have the dumb.

Except the ones I'm wearing, of course.


Jody S. said...

I think it's called wishful thinking.

Cheryl said...


Melrose said...

My favorites are the ones that say things like "milk addict" with images of spit up on them. Why??? Do I really need to draw more attention to myself than already is drawn as a newborn roots towards my chest every 30 min? :p

Rebekah said...

I have more than once thanked God for having provided so well for us that if a shirt with some stupid expression on it comes my way, I don't have to keep it for my kid.

mz said...

I must have the dumb too. I went to buy my little guy some onesies at Target at walked out empty handed because every piece of clothing in his size was positively asinine and/or polyester.

Also, I wanted to thank you for the wrap and the chocolate. Your note made a crazy postpartum lady smile. Still working on the crazies 5 months later, but that is apparently the way the cookie crumbles for me.