13 August 2011

Deal with it.

We all think we're not that weird lady, and we all totally are.

And it really doesn't have that much to do with this.


Aubri said...

Waddling around the county fair 9 months pregnant with a quad-stroller doesn't allow one to be delusional about not being "weird". And on top of that I learned today that I'm one of these "Baby Bunchers". Never heard that one. I had to research:



Katy said...

ROFL: "Is it right for you?"

Get out., Aubri! I did the fair thing this week 9 months pregnant with 3 little ones TOO!! (No quad stroller--the 4 year old had to walk)

Aubri said...

Yes Katy, "Baby Bunching" is a "strategy"!

Oh, the quad-stroller or "baby train" we call it was pretty nice to have, as long as I'm not the one pushing. We should really be in the parade they're having tomorrow night at the fair. I've never been so stared at and questioned in my life! My favorite questions had to be: "Y'all got triplets?" (As one seat is still awaiting #4) And the best: "What we're y'all thinking?!" Lovely.

Katy said...

I think I've said this before, but I want a stroller that can connect and disconnect seats--side-by-side, or back-to-back--and you can just add/subtract as you need. I told my husband to invent one--but there's already a patent on it.

Back to the actual blog post--I told my husband last night after spending 8 hours teaching HS moms Latin, "homeschool people are our people." (We both were home schooled and have a love-hate relationship with this subculture, but I finally realized how comfortable I am with them.) Anyway, I also smile more than not when I see women dressed like this--because I know they are probably "my people," jean dresses and all.

lisa said...

So . . . Rebekah, does this mean that my weirdness of being OK with jumpers b/c the patterns are so simple and the joy (!) of NOT having to cry about wardrobe choices now negates your weirdness of referencing BSG?

Not that I'm keeping score . . . ;) But I like to know my weirdness is at least, you know, on par with my weirdos of choice. "My people" if you will (wink, Katy).

For the record - these womenfolk are totally cute. And you know what - they know about porridge, plaiting and petticoats. Maybe just not so much the matching . . .

Rebekah said...

Hey, it's a lot easier to nurse a baby while watching BSG than while wearing a jumper.

lisa said...

Uh huh :)

Yeh,I noticed womanfriend was jumperless. That's my main beef with dresses. Will someone please make a nursing dress that isn't scandalous (or ugly)?

Thank you.

bahahaha - word verification: "skyloot"

HappyFox said...

lisa - I have two nursing jumpers made by these folks - http://www.ringgerclothing.com/shop.php?i=WM-0100MJ They rock!


lisa said...

Thanks for the link, Bonnie :)