06 January 2011


As the mother of an obese baby and four formerly obese babies, I find this news offensive and chilling.

He eats premium, dude! PREMIUM!

HT: My Own Brother-In-Law, once again.


Untamed Shrew said...

Oh, rubbish and rhetoric. There's a word for babies like yours: chubalicious.

With one exception, I have the opposite "problem"--my kids are skinny by the time they're 6 mos old. The 2yo has always been skinny because she never stops moving. Guess I need to plop her in front of the TV with a bottle of Sprite and some doughnuts.

Wing It Mom said...

I wish my kids were that way. Andy was the closest, but Katie and Matt have always been very low. When Matt was a little over a year old, he fell off the growth charts. We had to take him in every week to get weighed at the drs office for months. It makes you feel like a total failure as a mother to be having your toddler lose weight! (turns out he had bad allergies?). I would have loved to have a chubby baby!

Ewe said...

All 3 of mine were either below the chart or at the bottom of the chart. Dh is tall and skinny and so are our boys. When I was 3 years old the doctor tested me for leukemia because I was so thin. I would have loved to have at least one chunky baby so I didn't dread well-visit checkups where I never knew if the doctor was going to have a fit about my skinny baby. Unfortunately because the other babies are SO obese like this article says then it throws the chart off for babies like mine. By the 3rd kid by age 9 months, the doctor finally said, "I think your children are just small, but they're healthy." I couldn't believe it took him that long to make that statement, but he was right, my breastfed kids were hardly ever sick.
What is ridiculous is WIC stops whole milk at age 2 in order to prevent obese children. I had to get a doctor's note to get whole milk for my just barely on the chart 2 1/2 year old and WIC told me that even the doctor's note may not work, but thankfully it did. WIC parents are not allowed to make the decision of which milk would be best for their child.
I understand that both breastfed and formula fed babies are chunky and the same for both being skinny. God has made all types of babies and I think doctors go way overboard on this. Mothers with chunky babies will never understand what the mothers of skinny babies go through with weigh ins once a week or more. Mothers with skinny babies will never understand when the doctor tells you to put your baby on a diet like one of our friends had happen to her. What is important is that the babies are healthy, and I don't care if they are skinny or chunky.

Karen said...

The problem with labeling all children in the higher percentile as obese is that a percentile chart will always have children at the top and bottom of the bell curve! Not all children in the 95 percentile are fat, if there height is also in the 95th percent then they are healthy.

My children were usually in the 95% at birth and slowly fall to the bottom of the chart by age 1. They were not fat when they were born! They were past their due date. My husband's family is short. Most of my children will be height-challenged.

Each child needs to be looked at individually. Family history should be considered. A pencil-pusher should not be determining a child's health status.

etem said...

the "obese" baby i know and love gets lots of mean remarks from passers-by. she is 15 months old.

Rebekah said...

My babies should be fat donors for skinny babies. I'd never let them, though.

Anonymous said...

Man, I was the fattest little fat fatty ever when I was a baby. As an adult, I have never been overweight. These news "reports" are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

You should never make fun of babies. Just because they are chubby babies don't mean they will grow up to be fat. I agree they are ridiculous. Just because a baby is chubby doesn't mean they eat a lot. I think he is a cutie.