18 January 2011

Knowledge is power

All of my maternity clothes have grease stains on the belly area. The only sensible explanation for this: My pregnant mass so badly bends the space-time continuum in my kitchen that the straightest line for free-flying grease blobs (and, boy, are there a lot of those around here) to travel is directly toward me. Precisely.

But! But, friends! There is a pre-wash treatment that works! And that is cheap! And that really, truly actually works! Just spot a bit of Dawn dishwashing detergent on those grease blobs, work it into the fabric a bit, forget about it until next Tuesday, and wash. Ta da!

And now you know. And if you already knew, now you know it more.

Force field not included


Megan173 said...

Thank you! I will remember this. I'm going to have to buy some new maternity clothes for this one. My first three were all winter babies, the last two winter babies in the Midwest. This one is to be a summer baby in the central California Valley. Yep new cloths will defiantly be in order, and I hope now they won't get as stained as the clothes I have.

lisa said...

Megan: Congrats!

Gauntlets: Thank you! I wish I knew this during my last pregnancy when I ruined almost all of my preg-shirts :( Sad.

Melrose said...

groan. same here.

Untamed Shrew said...

Joy works too. ;-)

Gauntlets said...

Megan: Yay for you! :)

US: Aren't we the lucky ones? :D

Reb. Mary said...

Also great for ring-around-the collar, as is humble shampoo.

Decreased time spent on cleaning strategies = one of the baser reasons I have for respecting those black clergy shirts. :D

Netter said...

It is also great for getting out bike/car grease and cleaning windows. Congrats Megan! When will the little one be appearing?