27 August 2010

Usage you can use: -igamy

Bigamy is having a second wife at the same time as a first wife.

ex. After hanging around with a lot of really nice people in Utah, he became a bigamist.

Digamy is having a second wife after having lost a first wife (through death or divorce).

ex. After a lot of court dates, awkward dates, and finally good dates, he became a digamist.

I've heard the term "serial monogamy" used to indicate digamy+, but I think I like digamy better. As a usage, obviously. Then again, trigamy appears less clear so maybe it won't work.


Sue said...

I kind of like "serial monogamy" myself. (The term, that is, not having multiple relationships!) Some folks have so many relationships the "di" thing just isn't enough... I'm thinking of the father of my children - married to #3, with many unmarried relationships in between... At some point I think, why do they bother getting married? It obviously doesn't mean anything to them. I could write a whole page on this, but I think I've said enough!

Rebekah said...

I don't know why non-Christians get married at all.

MooreMama said...


Rebekah - because it's their God-given RIGHT!

oh. waitaminute...