14 August 2010

Three keys

From Starck's Motherhood Prayers:

"God has reserved for Himself three keys: the key to the grave, for nobody except God can raise the dead; the key that unlocks the rain in the clouds, for no false god can give rain, and no human being can cause rain; and the key to the womb, which nobody can open when the Lord has locked it, nor lock when the Lord opens it."


Anonymous said...

Who is Stark? I heard of him in passing on Issues etc,

Rebekah said...

"a Lutheran pastor, devotional writer, and poet in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Theologically, Starck held to a moderate type of Pietism that affirmed the traditions of the Lutheran Church and stressed the importance of the sacraments for the salvation of the Christian." 1680-1756. Or so says the back of my Emmanuel Press reprint.