20 August 2010

Second Annual CSPP Conference

It's been over two years since our last annual conference, so it's about time we scheduled another. To that end, the Second Annual CSPP Conference will be held concurrently with but not at all in the same place as day 2 of the Gottesdienst 15th Annual Oktoberfest. That's Monday, October 11 (and Gottesdienst is having Scaer, so it's worth your dude's time). The CSPP conference will be held at the Trinity Center of Trinity-St. Paul Lutheran School in Worden, IL. Don't worry, homeschoolers, there's no corrupting school that day. JK! Love you girls! :D

Unlike the other one, this will be sort of a real conference, by which I mean we sort of planned something. The basic outline is get here when you can and hang out. Kids play, moms confer (we're hoping for good weather so most of this can occur outside at the Old Timey Playground of Deadliness). Bring picnickings for your crew.

After lunch, and this is the cool part, we'll have a live interview and Q&A with a humble and gracious lady* who happens to be the mother of nine kids who all, get this, turned out OK. Babysitting for older children will be provided on immediate premises while we take in Mrs. F's wisdom for an hour or so (Babes in arms, tots up in arms, and any kids who want to listen or don't like other kids are welcome to skip the babysitting. If they could be kept something like quiet so people can hear our soft-spoken honored guest, that would be great. I anticipate being out in the hall the whole time wishing my kid would be quiet.)

This will be followed by more hanging out. If you stay too long Gauntlets and I will start acting rude to you. Actually we won't because it turns out neither of us are good at it in person, so it's really up to you to do the right thing. (We're still twisting Reb. Mary's arm about getting here too--no promises.) You'll be able to make it back to Kewanee in time for supper with dad.

RSVP to CSPP inbox with number who will attend and names and ages of children. There is no conference fee, but I'll put out a dirty cereal bowl if you want to toss in a few farthings toward the babysitters and facility. Formal midwifery services will not be available if you're thinking about traveling large, although I'm sure any of the adults and many of the children present would make a fine doula. You will also probably be put to work at some point in the day, and there will be crying and poop and stuff and it will be a big pain in the neck, so choose wisely.

If you're lucky, and if he's not going to Gottesdienst himself, you might spot a local celebrity running around the neighborhood in goofy shoes and no shirt.

*Prayers for the good health of this humble and gracious lady and her husband would not be amiss!


Anonymous said...

> Old Timey Playground of Deadliness

love it

HappyFox said...


Wish we could make it!

(Though we really don't want to see any almost-middle-aged guys w/o shirts on. Or any other guys, for that matter.)

Anonymous said...

Is this like Texas, where if you don't know where it is then you don't belong there?

Can you at least divulge the state this will be in?

Reb. Mary said...

Can we bring our toads? Or will those be provided?

Reb. Mary said...

Anon, it's a for-real invite. Worden, IL is an actual place :)

Reb. Mary said...

(and so is Kewanee, if it's Gottesdienst you were asking about)

Untamed Shrew said...

Reb. Mary, We'll definitely need centerpieces! Come on, this is an important event!

Megan said...

If we were still in Fort Wayne I might have had to join, it sounds wonderful. But alas, I should finally be settled into our parsonage in California by then.

MooreMama said...

Sigh. Can I request the next one be in Kansas or something?

Rebekah said...

I can't absolutely guarantee toads, but I can't imagine anyone having trouble finding one.

Megan, I think that's good news on balance!

MooreMama, you never know when or where one of these might pop up.

Gauntlets said...

I've looked into those goofy shoes, and they looked real grippy.