09 June 2010

It's simple

Once, in a galaxy far, far away, I had a conversation with a person who really should know better. This person was working mightily, as this person often does, to get me off the CSPP nag. The conversation went like this:

This Person (TP): (with so much gentility) It’s just that you might have a child that has … something wrong with it. You’re not getting any younger.

Me: I am so not worried about that.

TP: But it’s just not … you really shouldn’t … it’s just that it isn’t fair to the child to bring it into the world disabled.

Me: (caught unawares) … um … I … disagree? (deep breath) Look, Jesus is coming back, and when He does, that child will be just fine.

TP: (caught unawares in turn) … I guess that’s true.

And, dear friends, it is true. Don’t let anyone confuse you. Christ is coming back, and there cannot be too much life in the meantime. There will never be such a thing as too many babies, or a baby that is too sick or broken or homely to be made whole in the fullness of time by his or her Lord. Let the little children come, and let them grow, and let the Word of God be their valuation.

But go ahead and get yourself a good, strong punching bag to help with all those cute feelings you get after conversations with any This Persons that come through your field of vision.


scott said...

Perhaps a little Isaiah 45:9 might help -- who are we to say to God His work is messed up? Seems like trying to point out to the potter that His work has no handles.

Untamed Shrew said...

"let the Word of God be their valuation." Yep. The whole "it isn't fair to bring them into the world" is such baloney. First, there's no way to know until you learn by birth or ultrasound. Second, you're really going to say to that child, "Because you are flawed in this way instead of the conventional way, you don't deserve to live."? The ways of this world are truly frightening.

greatgaunts said...

TP and those like TP make me angry. Because perhaps not this TP, but similiarly-thinking TPs wouldn't flinch over the risks of late maternal age (or IVF or whatever) if it was the 1st baby. But somehow if it's the 3rd or 7th or 19th it's a different tune. Life is life is life, people, and we've got to look forward to Heaven.

Rebekah said...

I like how this comment was made to you at the ripe old age of closer to 30 than 35.

The Rev. BT Ball said...

You should have seen the reaction of TP to my sister being pregnant after the birth of child #3, a special needs child. #4 is getting along swimmingly and #3 is loved and cherished and this uncle thinks she is just great the way she is anyway. Much better off than TP, for sure.

Gauntlets said...

Shrew: "Conventionally flawed." Yes! That was the phrase I was looking for and couldn't find, so thanks mucho.

Father Ball: God bless your sister and her precious children. :) The thing that startles me most about TP is how detached from reality (s)he is. Why does TP think the little chats are helpful? The world my never know. :P

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

I got this chat in my dental office from a patient the other day. I don't remember what I said (or didn't say). Thanks for the gospel-oriented answer. I'll try to remember it to use next time (because you KNOW there will be a next time).

Untamed Shrew said...

Erich, did you have a drill in hand?

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Ha! :-p No, it was a checkup patient.

Reb. Mary said...

"Don't let anyone confuse you." Especially if "anyone" is myself. :P

Pam said...

I got something like this when I was closer to 30 than 35 too. But it was concern for me, not kids having disabilites.

Something like... But, Pam, I'm concerned that you two would just keep on having kids, even if you were going to die from it.

Well-meaning, on some level I suppose, but misplaced in my opinion. Last time I checked, I wasn't on my deathbed, even with the health issues I do have, even at my worst.

Okay I was close once, and it WAS eight days postpartum, but that was severe dehydration d/t gastroenteritis... which last I knew, could happen to anyone.

Gauntlets said...

Pam: I get that one too, sometimes. :P They really do mean well, these people. Wouldn't it be just great if everyone stopped meaning well, and just let everyone else get on with life? Wouldn't it be even greater if everyone stopped meaning well and rather DID SOMETHING TRULY HELPFUL OR LOVELY FOR SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT?

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.