30 April 2010

Wanted to trade

I am interested in obtaining a copy of Cheryl Naumann's book on deaconesses. I do not wish to pay for it. If anyone has a copy, I would be willing to trade one of the following items for it:

--small flat rate postage box full of clean wheat (not organic that I know of)

--several bars of homemade lye soap (plain old lard and lye, and no picture of a pretty goat)

--Motherhood nursing top someone picked up for me at a garage sale (good shape, cute, size M; I just don't like sleeveless)

--other new in package nursing accoutrement (email for details)

--bag of gummy bears (not organic even if the package said they were)

--some leggy tomato starts (local pickup only)

--one beginning euphonium lesson in my living room (may throw in more lessons free if you catch me especially lonely)

--box of 2008-2010 New Yorkers, Atlantics, and First Thingses

--Copy of Matt Harrison's joy book autographed by LCMS celebrity (celebrity TBD, but it won't be Matt Harrison. This trade will not be available until after Memorial Day)

--Bag of potholder loom loopies

You know you want it.


HappyFox said...

Sorry, I don't have the book. And I can already play euphonium. Well, actually, I just assume I can play euphonium, since I play horn. And DH plays tuba & trombone. Between the two of us, we have to have euphonium covered, right?
This is what happens on a boring afternoon w/a hungry babe. I'll shut up now. :)

Anonymous said...

PayPal button, I'm thinking, if only there was a PayPal button...

Rebekah said...

HappyFox, sounds like I could use a lesson from you!

Anon, :D

deacnaumann said...

Hey, I love your website! Keep going, honey, you're doing fine. Our children were born in 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1986, and 1990. [you can do the math yourself] Five sons and then a daughter. More would have been happily welcomed, but the more were evidently not in God's plan for us because they never came. In a rare moment of boredom, I figured out a conservative estimate of 20,000 diapers changed. But I still count being a wife and mother the most important vocations of my life, ever. [By the way, my husband measures his part of the deal by reminding me that it was 120 fingernails to trim each week and/or a solid ten years of somebody crying!]
So I see you are interested in "obtaining" a copy of my book. Ok - here's the offer - if you are interested in "obtaining" a copy of "In the Footsteps of Phoebe" to READ it, then send me an email with your name and address via my website and I'll mail one to you. If you want a copy because you've heard it will work instead of a booster seat, then I can send you a phone book instead. I know it takes a LONG time to read something with little ones around. I tried to read while feeding, but that doesn't last long if you need to read phonics books to one child while another is feeding. Anyway - the offer in genuine and I wish you well with the baby wrangling. It doesn't last forever, and when it's over, believe me, you wish it HAD lasted longer. Until you begin to experience the joys of being a grandmother...
Cheryl D. Naumann

deacnaumann said...

Sorry for the typo! 4th/5th lines from the bottom should read: "Anyway - the offer IS genuine..."

Rebekah said...

Why, how nice to meet you, Cheryl! :D You are very gracious. I do indeed want to read your book, and since our new guy is still showing no interest in sleeping for more than three hours at a time, I'm getting plenty of reading done in the middle of the night. :P But I really should make an honest woman of myself and buy a copy, unless you've got your heart set on those gummy bears.