27 April 2010

Bored blogging: Call service

--Aren't all these different routes starting to sound a little silly when you have to say them in one sentence?

--Would you want to go to a church that had a formal Assimilation process? Have I just watched too much Star Trek?

--Hey, we can have priests now?! I guess if they're Worker Priests.

--Here we are all the way into the Ps, and no dumb jokes or ski hats or sunglasses yet? What is going on?

--Seems like a lot of dudes are "unable to be present." Could it be that at last, the Call day service is no longer the highest holy day in the church year?

--I think I just missed a dumb joke about Idaho. That's more like it.

--Whoa, Fairbanks Alaska! So crazy!!! Santa's first stop!

--And now Juneau!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad's home. So long.


William Weedon said...

So I'm just DYING for your take on the "streamers."

Rebekah said...

I was a wife on the wall during a discussion of the streamers with the Assistant Dean of the Chapel. He said the idea was borrowed from the Cathedral Basilica, and that the purpose is to bring color and motion to the proceedings.

It goes without saying that any two year old could also provide this service.

Untamed Shrew said...

I'm just glad those hideous banners weren't hanging inthe chapel when I got married back in '97.