14 April 2010

Because we can't ever really be prepared for this sort of thing

I’ve been sorting through and tossing lots of stuff lately. Nesting, you ask? Well, I suppose I will start nesting in earnest over the next couple days, when we arrive at our new church and new home. At 35.5 weeks’ gestation (but who's counting). All part of the CSPP adventure, no? Hey, I’m looking forward to actually meeting the doctor who will deliver this baby next month. But more on that later. Probably much, much later.

In all this purging, in some long-forgotten archives, I came across the handbook from the “Prepared Childbirth” class we took some 6 years ago, whilst pregnant with our first. Of course, the irony of the class’s title is obvious to anyone who has actually given birth—but oh! We were all such earnest students! Carrying our pillows to each session, learning the proper massage and vocalization techniques, sticking our hands in icewater to simulate the pain of giving birth (?!?)…

Allowing my swollen self a break from the boxes, I thought it might be fun to at least flip through the thing before I pitched it, especially as another Blessed Event looms large on my personal horizon (ahem). So I kindly entertained my hardworking husband by reading him choice tidbits, such as “Forty-One Ways a Labor Partner Can Help,” from those terrifyingly giddy long-ago days.

I flipped to THE TAKE CHARGE ROUTINE (“Save this routine for any time during labor when the mother: hits an emotional low; is in despair, weeps, cries out; wants to give up or feels she can’t go on; is very tense and cannot relax”). This includes the admonishment: “DON’T GIVE UP ON HER – it is a difficult time for her, it won’t help if you decide she cannot handle it. Acknowledge that it is difficult but not impossible” At which point the ever-supportive father of my children oh-so-innocently inquired whether I was still talking about his role during labor or just during life in general.

Well, he has a point. In fact, for some time now I’ve had a half-baked post half-drafted on Hard vs. Hopeless (unrelated to L&D but with obvious parallels). And half-drafted it shall remain until later. Much, much later.

In the meantime, “ENCOURAGE HER WITH EVERY BREATH…YOU CAN TRULY EASE HER BURDEN BY HELPING HER WITH EVERY BREATH” isn’t such bad daily advice, after all—for CSPP husbands and Sisters alike, in the L&D room and out. Biblical, even.


lisa said...

Yes, the fact that my husband hasn't given up on me is often the largest proof of the work of the Spirit in my life. :)

Wow - moving while with child. I've never done it that close to go-time. God keep you as you move, settle and birth. Oof. Now there's a list for you.

Sue said...

I moved when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my second. Best move I ever had, hands down. We only moved 5 blocks, from a rental to a house we bought. Got possession June 1, had till July 1 to be out of the rental. Baby due June 30. On the way home from signing our life away I asked when we'd start moving. He said, well we've got till July 1. And I said, and you're forgetting the last baby came 3 weeks early?! We'll start this weekend, he said. Every morning, I'd pack up boxes. He'd come home at lunch, load up our small trailer, and drive them to the new house. Place the boxes next to where they belonged. I'd spend the afternoon unpacking. For once he didn't expect me to lift heavy things! Baby came June 17, 2 weeks early. We were actually living in the new house, unpacked, and it felt like home already. Of course this only works when moving in the same town, under this kind of circumstance. I don't imagine yours will be as easy as mine. Not to mention I was an anonymous person as NOT a pastor's wife! God bless you as you go through these busy days, and may you find blessings at every turn. I hope your new church comes to help you unpack (we did that for our current pastor and his wife, and they were so grateful - also did a canned goods shower, brought meals for the unpacking days as well as large fans - very hot and no AC in the new house - we wanted these people to want to stay!)

Untamed Shrew said...

?!?--exactly. :D

Gauntlets said...

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

I don't think my dear, beloved husband had any idea how hard this whole thing was going to be for him. :P

But serves him right. He started it. :D

Rebekah said...

I'm really looking forward to that half-baked, half-drafted post. And to hearing that your new everything is great, especially the main New Thing. :)

Anonymous said...


Wonderful quote! I am writing to ENCOURAGE you....
I moved during 7 of my 13 pregnancies (4 before hubby began preparing/serving in ministry) and I survived!

On vicarage we moved from FW to Wy. the end of June. Baby was born mid Sept. I met home birth midwife only a few times. She had to drive 1 1/2 hrs. over mountain to get to our house. Needless to say it snowed in the mts. and she missed the birth. My dear husband delivered baby # 7.

My husband's first parish after Sem.(1990) we moved to Mn. around June 20th he was ordained June 24th. We met homebirth midwife one time before birth. Baby # 8 arrived July 1 at 5:30 a.m. the first Sunday he was to preach after his ordination. He preached two services after being up all night with me. The next morning.... Monday we were woke from our sleep to the news that a member had suffered a heart attack and died.... so hubby had his first funeral a few days later. A proper breaking into the life of the parish don't you think?

In 2002, we moved to Ohio arriving the end of Aug. and baby #13 was born Sept. 11th. We met the home birth midwife once before the birth.

All part of the CSPP adventure. You bet ya! Wonderful memories. YES!!!

I can assure you that you can do this and survive. I am living proof with joy in my heart, and a smile. My wisdom .... Lean on the Lord and His strength and your wonderful husband whom the Lord has provided for you for just this purpose. & "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." Prov. 3:5,6

Life is full of adventures when follow the Lord.
We have many wonderful memories and our hearts overflow with thankfulness to the Lord for each and everyone of them.

If you near an ear.... please email me.
I truly understand and I offer encouragement you can do this and survive! I do remember the struggles.

One great thing you have a wonderful excuse why all those boxes aren't unpacked.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Debbie Stottlemyer

Melrose said...

move. settle. birth. ??? wow Lisa, way of laying it all out there, hehe ;)

honey, I dont envy you. You must be super woman :)

lisa said...

I know - even those three highlights are wearying - and I'm sure your mental checklist Reb.Mary is even longerrrrrr.

Isn't it funny. Most of have never met, yet these shared struggles as Christian mothers are so dear. I offer you my prayers and encouragement.

PS - Melrose, I was just about to email you to post something. I miss you. But I see you've got something up.

ekg said...

Gauntlets, "He started it." Ha! Same here. :)

Pam said...

Reb. Mary, I too have been with child at some stage every time we've moved so far.

Yes, part of the adventure. :o)

Reb. Mary said...

Hey. Belated thanks to all for the encouragement :) Compared to the stories some of you have, this has been small potatoes indeed!