22 April 2010

Be still, thou unregenerate part

I am often at my craziest when the baby is fixin' to wean. Why? I can't really say, because I'm Crazy.

Sister we are, yea twins we be,
Yet deadly feud 'twixt thee and me,
For from one father we are not.


MooreMama said...

fixin to wean, you say? Are you bound and determined that one or the other of us should have babies in utero at all times?

great portrait, btw. :)

Pam said...

hey gauntlets, that should be me right about now. The end of day 5 past due, labor contractions this morning again and on and off throughout the day, and I am *still* sitting here. sigh.

On the upside, per the labor/delivery I described with #5, I am awaiting a peanut buster parfait with added peanut butter topping which is being brought home to me this very minute. So this means I should eat that, fall into bed exhausted, and drift to sleep only to have my membranes rupture...

And five or less hours later, after revisiting said scrumptious DQ treat during transition, FINALLY get to meet this little person!

Now all you vets, doesn't that sound like a great plan? Never had anything so strange as to get to taste a sundae twice and it was nearly as good the second time around... but then it was during transition.

Untamed Shrew said...

"Fixin to wean?" Like, voluntarily? I wonder what that's like. Roughly 6 times a day I'm saying to my 17-mo, "Get off me! All Done! I don't want to do this anymore, kid." It's not working.

I'm glad I didn't look at that picture before going to bed last night.

HappyFox said...

Cool poem!

lisa said...

But your earrings look so celebratory...

Gauntlets said...

Aw, Pam. You totally had your baby already. Who are you trying to kid? ;D

MM: Yes. ;)

US: Sort of? Actually, no, not at all. I basically have no idea what's going on.

HF: It is, isn't it? I like much of Bradstreet's stuff, especially on days when my brain is free of static.

Lisa: You're jealous, aren't you?

Reb. Mary said...

Ah. This would perhaps account for the sleep dearth. :P