05 September 2009

Yes, I do sometimes feel a bit outnumbered, thank you for asking

(If you’re too sophisticated for bathroom humor, don’t bother reading on)

I don’t have to get out the CSPP trading cards to know that a 4-to-1 boy/girl ratio (counting Dad and me) is not even close to the big time in boy numbers (think Preus…). But I’m here, and so are they, and—some days, it just seems like there are so many of them.

Scene: Nature’s call interrupts a family walk around the periphery of the local golf course. Dad directs the boy to the most appropriate venue, given the available options.

Boy, returning to path: Why are there so many bathrooms on the golf course?

Mom, muttering darkly: Some people call them trees.

Dad, gleefully: My son, you’re catching on: the world is our bathroom!*

Boy, musing contentedly as he gets back on his bike: I’ve never peed on the golf course before.

This episode occurred shortly after a family vacation during which the three-year-old, to amuse himself along the drive, composed a song. It was a real epic, celebrating the struggles and triumphs of the trip. The refrain: “And I peeeeeeeed on the plaaaaaants in the woooooods.”

Sorry. I just had to share. It's been like that lately.

*I should perhaps note that Dad is normally what I would consider to be a fairly civilized specimen of the male of the species (or should I say, the male species).


Karin said...

I can certainly appreciate this post. Five boys in this family and yes....the stories I can tell....

Sir Cuthbert said...

Yet another reason I'm glad to be a man.

Theophil Jones said...

Although 3 of my 4 boys are still in diapers I can already sympathize. Just yesterday little Telemachus flew through the room yelling, "'ave ta go ta the baffroom weal, weal bad!"

My daughter has never done this.

L. R. Jensen said...

Ha! Probably one of the only things I hope my daughter doesn't pick up from your family:) That and "the cough."

Melrose said...

ahhh yes, the joys of boys and potties. On our recent trip to family my eldest, much to my dismay, witnessed his older cousin peeing while standing. My sister was watching from a distance to see what would happen and after the said cousin left the br, ds slowly approached the toilet and with new delight accomplished the same feat...since then he'll randomly remember and say, "MOM, im going to pee STANDING!!!" darn it and I was hoping he wouldnt figure this out until he left the house :D.

Reb. Mary said...

T. Jones--Oh, the stories you'll be able to tell after toilet training twin boys! :D

LRJ, we're counting on your Girl to be a civilizing influence. (And, um, sorry again 'bout all that mud.)

Melrose, standing is the only way our BoyOne would ever consent to use the toilet whilst training. Aaaaaaa!

Rebekah said...

"Why are there so many bathrooms on the golf course?" :D