01 September 2009

The show must go on

Twas a great day on Planet Homeschool. We spent much of the morning as world-class cricketologists: We read about crickets. We caught crickets. We made an ecosystem for our crickets. After lunch, we pulled off an astonishingly quiet Quiet Time. But all through the day, even as we marched down the markerboard with minimal meltdowns, I had a nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. . . something important.

I shook off that feeling as best I could, reminding myself to focus on what we were doing rather than on what we weren’t. And I thought: Hey, I can do this. Hey, I’m doing this! The afternoon drew to a close in triumph* with the reading of the last Sidewalk Sentence, and we began eagerly to anticipate Dad’s appearance. Suddenly, the nebulous forgetfulness that had been bothering me all day came sharply into focus in a single, urgent word: Supper!

Right. I’m supposed to feed them all, too. Every day. Several times, every day. Sigh.

Everyone got fed, and everyone was happy, especially when I pulled out the leftover cookies for dessert. But I’m at least one ball short of an amateur juggling act, ya know? :P

I know I'm not supposed to try this at home,
but where the heck else am I supposed to try it?

*Lest you be conjuring up some ridiculously idealistic picture of our day in your head, let it be known that “triumph” can be defined as follows: BoyOne hopping back and forth over his Sidewalk Sentences, insisting that he can read them just fine upside down (he can); BoyTwo dancing about in rage because BoyThree interfered with his dirt pile; BoyThree, moving on with complete unconcern for the maelstrom in his wake, dumping an entire bucket of water onto himself; the dog all the while trying really hard to get someone to throw her ball.


Rebekah said...

I think the menu suggests itself, given the theme of the day . . . ;)

But I hate days when I forget supper.

Dakotapam said...

We all have those days. I like to cook and STILL I often wonder why those little sinners insist on being fed more than once a day:)

Gauntlets said...

I hate supper. I hate everyone standing around looking hungry. I hate forgetting everything all the time.

Which is why I love my crock pot. :D

Reb. Mary said...

Crock pots and bread machines make the world go 'round.

Hey Dakotapam, your new cooking blog looks neat-o. I'll be counting on you for inspiration :)

lisa said...

Crickets - blech.

Sir Cuthbert said...


How do you know? They might be tasty. I bet the legs and antenae get stuck in your teeth though.

lisa said...

Thaaannnkkkksssss :) The mental picture was helpful :)
As tasty as I'm sure they must be..I was actually refering to their appearance. They scare me more than roaches. Ich! Go fig. A friend and I went fishing in college - he insisted on "live bait". Shortly after the dumb box of crickets tipped over in the front seat (passenger side) and they fled ALL OVER I swore off the little buggers. I only want to taste them if they're cooked in a tasty fish. I love my kids but they can keep the exploration day souvenirs for Dada :)