06 August 2009

Time management, recommended

Some people have Franklin Planner-type brains, and can manage their schedules by nature. Some people can afford Franklin Planners, and manage their schedules by will. And then, there's the rest of us.

work less; get more done!

I used to be better about remembering things. Back in college, I didn't use a planner at all. When I was teaching high school, I made do with a dry erase marker board, the "month-at-a-glance" kind. When I took up space in an office building, I had Outlook ping me a few days before something needed done. And when I graduated to Home Management, I kept track of this and that on Post-It notes.

But now I'm four kids into this gig. My Post-Its are all covered in breakfast cereal, Outlook is in the basement, and someone ran over my dry erase board with his tricycle. All that, and I'm getting soggy around the hippocampus: A couple of months ago, I forgot all about the Ladies Aid summer picnic. I was supposed to take the potato salad. I don't know which level of Hell I'm destined for, but it's sure to be filled with mosquitoes and empty ketchup bottles.

Don't let it happen to you. Do what I did and should have done ages ago: Get one of these.

I really like mine. The number one selling point of the BusyBodyBook around here is its columns. I keep my tasks in the first column, my two homeschool-aged kids' tasks in the second and third, and Dad's schedule, insofar as it impacts me, in the fourth. Column five is for meal planning. Ta da! It's almost too easy. I mean, I haven't forgotten anything of any real consequence in weeks!

Plus, it's bound with plastic covers--very good at repelling milk. And mimosas.


Reb. Mary said...

This sounds like a Good Plan. People here either prematurely recycle my post-its for art projects, or eat them. Either way, the potato salad is likely to be overlooked ;D

Dakotapam said...

That looks good. But we've given up most paper here...we're goofy that way. So the Rev. and I use google calender. We have everything color coded...most days it looks like an ink blot test, because with five kids, a job and a mission church to run...things get nutty! I think I'd need more than seven columns...hence Google to the rescue...plus, it is free and I don't care about privacy anyway...I'm a blogger and I'm boring!