05 August 2009


from twitterfeed

  • Waking up now. Late. @everyone clamoring for pancakes. Feeding them toast.
  • Pouring coffee now. From my own coffee pot. Now I’m eating leftover chicken.
  • Dishes in sink. Sink in #Kitchen. #OurHouse is full of sinks full of dishes. Full of some crazy wicked amazingness, too, of course. Like @babies and @dad and @me. We’re all the craziest.
  • @dad is leaving for #Work! @baby4 is crying! Picking her up now. Carrying her over here. Putting her down here in the kitchen. @baby4 is the wickedest craziest baby. Is this tweet too long? Are you still reading this?
  • #OurHouse is pretty something, y'all, and I’m still standing here in the kitchen with this crazy baby. @baby4 is kicking her feet around and I’m watching the sink fill full of water.
  • Dishes done! @baby3 is singing a hymn, and she’s off-key. Hilarious!
  • Tweet. Still here! Standing right here! @baby2 just roared and woke his sister. Wow!
  • I’m thinking about walking to #MyRoom and doing something about these pajamas. What do you think? :)
  • Quick question for all you thinking types: shorts – ever OK? Yes or no?
  • Going off-line for awhile. #Garden needs some weeding! @babies are totally going to help! All this weeding and not a single tomato yet to show for it!
  • Getting some lunch at #Kitchen. Homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and overripe bananas! Yum!
  • @baby4 keeps rolling herself over! Then she gets angry about being on her belly and starts shouting! Ha!
  • Enjoying a great quiet hour, doing some dishes. We have the cleverest quiet hour. @babies are all quiet. It lasts about an hour.
  • @baby1 got her jump rope stuck in the tree! I tried to get it out with a stick and hit myself in the face with the stick! Ha!
  • Sitting here on #TheCouch with @babies and enjoying 32 picture books by some really creative people! I heart picture books! *
  • Going to #Kids’Room to pick up @baby4. She’s poopy! Amazing!
  • Walking around aimlessly with @baby4. @baby3 is crying for some amazing reason. Too crazy lazy to find out why!
  • @dad is due home in an hour. Rushing to thaw the chicken in the microwave! Or should I tweet, “mic?” Would that be peppier?
  • Eating in #DiningRoom! Trying hard to keep my cool as @babies all chew with mouths open and spill milk on the carpet! Who puts carpet in #DiningRoom? Crazy!
  • VBS week over at #Church! Awesome! @baby3 and I are sitting in #OurHouse eating @everyone’s leftovers! Every family needs a jackal! Ha!
  • Putting @baby3 to bed so she can rip up the blinds next to #HerBed trying to see what her siblings are doing over across the #ParkingLot! Ha ha!
  • VBS is over! @babies are tired, dirty and grumpy! Crazy! We heart VBS!
  • Getting everyone to sleep!
  • Getting everyone to sleep!
  • Getting everyone to sleep!
  • Wow, what a day! @dad and I are lapping up wine like crazy crazies and talking through the diaper report! Funno!
  • Bedtime! Tweet ya later! Tweet dreams! Tweet long and prosper! TA-WEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Ha h-- . . .
  • sigh.
PS -- Could someone explain to me what those pound signs think they're doing in there?

*no, I don't.


Marie said...

I couldn't even find your * among all of those @ =)

Gauntlets said...

Stealth footnoting. It's what I do. ;D

Beth said...

I'm twitter- illiterate and confused. Maybe that's a good thing?

Luzia said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one, Beth :-D
... Sifting through my confusion, though, was that question about shorts purely comedic, or was it a real question? I remember my shorts being frowned upon in a Christian homeschool "support" group once upon a time (I was the lone Lutheran in the group ... That supposedly had a policy against proselytizing... Ahem... and a silent dress code... ?)

Dawn, don't blink... The baby (poop) years will vanish all too quickly while you're not looking. College looms ahead!

Gauntlets said...

Beth: Good thing, yes. I . . . I just don't like Twitter. It makes me want to throw things. It makes me want to burn dinner. It makes me want to write confusing blog posts understood only on the cold, dark sixth plain of semi-consciousness.

The original title of this post was "Yeah?! Well maybe I think your life is boring!" So. That's all I'm saying. ;)

Luzia: RE: Shorts: Joke. Stick it to them crazy crazies and show some skin, sister. :D

Reb. Mary said...


Hey, I'm not the only one who eats random found food for breakfast! Found food: not just for floor foragers anymore :P

Ah, VBS week. Sweet, sweet VBS week. . .

We have a blind-shredder too >:(

lisa said...

Hahahahaha - I just snorted chocolate milk out of my nose. Tweet. Hilarious :)

Rebekah said...


Rebekah said...

Still LOL