27 October 2008

You know it's true love

when he buys you gel kneepads for your scrubbing comfort.

It's the little things :)


Rebekah said...

At first I thought, how romantic . . . then I started wondering what in the world you're scrubbing long and hard enough to require kneepads??

Reb. Mary said...

The kitchen floor. Very occasionally. I must just complain about it a lot :)

Pam said...


Reminds me of the dear young man whose then-girlfriend was waiting YEARS to be officially "fiancee," and at Christmastime he gave her a foot spa. Apparently she was on her feet a lot at work. His mom told me that, and I had to smile. To anyone who knows ANYthing about how the male mind works, that was EXTREMELY thoughtful. Am I right?


This couple, btw, is now married and expecting a second child... sadly, the little boy is anencephalic... but that's another story.