19 October 2008

Original CSPP-LSB literature, hot off the presses

Found poetry: an intriguing literary exercise.
Today's sampling: CSPP adventures in LSB, direct from the trenches of this morning’s pews.

Lord, have mercy
when the wild tempests rave:
Cure your children’s warring madness.
Take my life and let it be.

Guarding with watchful eye
Lo, the hosts of evil round us,
A countless throng,
Your sin deplore!

Receive our prayer:
For the facing of this hour,
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,
Save us from weak resignation.

For the facing of this hour,
the evils we deplore,
To Thee aloud we cry:
Have mercy on us!

For the facing of this hour,
Lord, to whom shall we go?
On Him we wait,
Cuz it sure seems like a lot longer than an hour today.