31 October 2008

Dear Old Dad


--the guys who gave up grad school so they wouldn't have to spend even more time away from home

--the guys who traded boneless, skinless chicken breasts for drumsticks

--the guys who drive minivans

--the guys who decline to take up expensive, time consuming hobbies

Let them be anathema

--the guys who live with a woman who gains 40 pounds every other year and don't sulk about the disappearance of that one dress

--the guys who remember the grocery budget and head home when all the other guys decide to move the shop talk to a restaurant

--the guys who won't watch the HBO show that's all the rage even if, not being X-rated, it's not technically pornographic

--the guys who, even though they have to go to work in the morning, are already walking down the hall with a toddler when Mom wakes up to crying

Thank you, Concordian Fathers of Perpetual Parturition, for all this and for demonstrating how not to whine about it.


Sir Cuthbert said...

The Concordian Fathers have my sincere respect and admiration. Every time one of you writes about her husband, it makes me think, "I want to be like him."

As a Single Gentleman, I thank you for your blog. You have taught me a great deal about how to care for my future wife, when the Lord is pleased to bring her to me.

Joy said...

40 pounds? Is that it?

I must add the guy who came home with FOUR large bags of Halloween candy (all chocolate-based) knowing full well we'd only have a handful of trick-or-treaters.

Rebekah said...

Sir Cuthbert, being able to brag up one's husband is a special joy. :)

And speaking of--Joy, what are you still doing here?! I want baby news soon!

Joy said...

I'm not allowed to gestate past Nov 7, but if I want my own OB I have to take an induction on Nov 4. I hate being stuck between a rock and a hard place. But if I'm facing a litany of unwanted interventions, then it's imperative that I have my own doctor. Pray for me!

Gauntlets said...

sir cuthbert: All three of the Concordian Husbands are indeed exemplary dudes, though I like mine the best. :)

Joy: I hear eggplant holds magical properties for the pregnant woman, if Saturn is in Orion's belt or something like that. ;) Best wishes to you. . .

Melanie said...

I myself prefer to get labor started the same way the baby got there in the first place :} (its worked both times :)

Pam said...

Oh, Melanie, ROFLOL!

I have yet to convince dh that it is a valid induction method... and since it requires cooperative effort, well....

My babies have all but one been born at least 41 weeks, and with the way the last two went, it's beginning to look like Pit is my new labor-starter. I hate that, but at least now I have gotten over my refusal of an epidural with it.

Induced labor is NOT the same as natual, I don't care what my dr. says about the contractions being the same. And that's coming from a woman! But then, she has two kids.

Let's see, my little #8 is four months now, how long do I have to convince dh??? :}

Joy said...

Is everyone still working on getting the cosmos rearranged for me? I'm off to buy an eggplant tomorrow....

That's right Pam, the Pit is not like natural labor. I'm hoping to only take it for an hour or two till I get to 5cm. Then she can rupture me and ditch the Pit.

We have a mutual understanding re: whoopie in the 9th (10th) month. I'm only using him for the prostaglandins, and he knows it won't be happening post-partum for several months (yes, months).

Pam said...

somehow I can't recall why we didn't do that? I mean, stopping the Pit after rupturing...

I had a complete induced labor with no pain relief with #2. I thought I was going to DIE! Then I resolved never to be induced again. 3,4,5, and 6 all born naturally, but misery sitting on pins and needles those last days wondering "WHEN?!" And as I said, all were 41+ weeks. Oh, and after the first two weighing 7,13 and 8,10... we had 9,11..10,0... and I had to wonder what next, when little girl, #5 came right out, no push, no doctor, almost under the sheets, and barely the nurse there. Whew, that was cool.

But #6 was 8lbs, something, and now #7 was 9,2! These were the two induced where I finally took an epidural. The first of the two I waited too long, and then when it took effect, I kept telling them it was too easy, how could we still be progressing?! So this last, I took the epidural *before* having to feel pain. It was the right thing, as we were in the middle of a bunch of personal, well, for lack of a better term, CRAP, and I was too tired out emotionally to be able to handle an induced and unmedicated labor.

I keep tellling dh, I would still rather go on my own, even with the hurt, 'cause I don't like not feeling like an active part of the delivery. Sounds dumb, but that's what it feels like.

Anyway, not to get too carried away or *censor-worthy* in the comments, I wish you could share tips with me on that whole system you have worked out. I think it would do me good...

Oh, and Rebekah and you other gals who sing the praises of the Concordian Dads,

and for Sir Cuthbert who sounds like a CFPP wannabe (yay, can I set you up with my single sister? ;) This kind of man is so rare, what a gem!)---

I wish I could echo Rebekah's words, but sadly up till now I could not, and only now can I *begin* to relate to these wonderful praises. As I read your post, Rebekah, I breathe prayers of thanks for all the husbands who ARE this for their wives. You really don't know how good you have it, unless you know what it's like NOT to have it.... take my word for it, you have been blessed with a rare gem!

Gauntlets said...

Hey, girls, how about we arrange for an email exchange between the two of you regarding all that ever so pleasant L&D stuff. That way you avoid the censors and we all spare sir cuthbert the gory details. ;)

Joy said...

Have at it. I'm clueless about how to go about that and Pam's blog is by Invitation Only. I probably don't make the cut. ;-)

Sir Cuthbert said...

Pam: I blush. I am indeed flattered. If you are serious, this is the greatest compliment I ever have recieved. I think you're teasing, but I'll give you a serious answer in case I'm wrong. I already know who I want to marry. She doesn't agree, but I've been praying for her hand for three years. I have Christ's promise that He is pleased to grant our prayers. If I were to stop or turn aside, I'd be calling Him a liar. I hope this doesn't sound stuck-up.

Pam said...

Sir Cuthbert,

I am serious in the sense that I am wistful for godly spouses for my two (of the five of us) unmarried siblings. Either potential CSPP *or* CFPPs are rare.

I guess I am so used to dealing with the issue of a God-sized family from the mom end of things, it gets my attention and is encouraging to learn of a single man or woman who already has this view. Especially if you are taking the time to learn about life in the trenches ahead of time, so you are not surprised when it doesn't turn out to be some idyllic fairy-tale life.

And if you read this blog, you are unlikely to come away with THAT impression!