17 October 2008

Blogkeeping for the unsavvy

When we started this grand blog experiment something like a year ago none of us really knew anything about blog etiquette and still don't. So let me just apologize right now if we've offended anyone with improper linking or something like that. It is due to pure stupidity, not because we don't like you.

So I'm attempting yet again to update our blogroll properly. What I've tried to do is link to anyone who links to us and/or is a regular commenter. But if we list you and you don't want us to (I know a lot of people's blogs are really just for family or are otherwise personal), just let us know in the comments or an email. Or if you have a link to us and/or would like to be listed and we missed you, again just let us know and don't feel like that's cheesy or something; we certainly don't think it is and we want to provide a link to anyone who would like for us to.

I can sense already that I've missed someone or otherwise screwed this up . . . help me out if you know what it is, and also let me know what I forgot to pick up at the store this afternoon, because I know I missed something there too.


Christopher Gillespie said...

Tactless and bumbling is just fine, thanks.

Reb. Mary said...

Thanks for being on top of the blogkeeping--wanna come do my housekeeping too? :D

Christopher Gillespie said...

Don't give the Mrs. any ideas... I'll be shutting my mouth now.