02 July 2008

Where have all the Lutherans gone? Long time passing

Dad estimates that average weekly attendance at his larger church is around 90. Summer services are more sparsely attended. This past Sunday, though, attendance was 144. Whose Ablaze!itude do we have to thank for this?

That would be one Mr ----- who turns 90 this week. As it happens, this venerable patriarch is a father of nine. Only six of his children and their families were able to join him for the Divine Service at our church three days ago to kick off his birthday celebration. Yet even this 66% turnout rate of one person's family increased our congregation's size by something like 63%.

Census takers, consider yourselves notified. And why don't you see if you can't get Mr and Mrs ----- onto your strategic planning committee.


Reb. Mary said...

So what's your clever response to those who think that it's somehow cheating to to "make your own" converts (a la CSPP lifestyle)?

[Besides pointing out (tactfully of course) that the bearing and raising of children is a bit more demanding than handing out a tract.]

Rebekah said...

How about, "Stick it in your ear, turkey."

Reb. Mary said...

One of the things I appreciate the most about you, my friend, is your tact. I like it :)

Rebekah said...

I tried to think of something clever, but I was just too cranky. (And if anyone gets the literary allusion in my previous comment, let us know for all the vain glory you've ever dreamed of. Mothers of middle schoolers, I'm looking at you.)