16 July 2008

Job description

We joined the 4-year-old boy club this week. Our family custom is that the birthday kid gets to stay up late with Mom and Dad and drink cocktails, at which time we review the past year and discuss what's coming up. Dad asked the birthday boy what he was planning on doing with his life. He said he didn't know. Dad gave the example that he's a pastor and goes to work every day.

Boy: I don't know what you do at work so I can't do it.

Dad: Well, everybody has to work. I go to work and do pastor stuff to feed all you guys and Mom . . . what does Mom do all day?

Boy: Sit and drink cocktails!


Susan said...

I want YOUR job!
Trade ya?

Thursday's Child said...

Me too! Oh, wait, I'm on summer vacation...I do have your job! LOL

Reb. Mary said...

Sounds to me like Dad set you up for that one!