05 July 2008

I still want one

but for now I guess we'll have to content ourselves with an annual visit to the "Family Farm" section of the zoo.


Rebekah said...

Dad got inspired a while back and looked into getting a goat (this was after his cheesemaking inspiration flopped due to use of pasteurized, homogenized milk). Over the course of his research he "discovered," to his annoyance, that this goat would have to be milked daily. I'm still trying to figure out how this could be news to a guy who's effectively been a lactation consultant for the last five years?

Gauntlets said...

How does one quote a goat? Is it "MEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH?" Or do they go more "BAAAAOOOOOOHHH?"

I've been puzzled about this for years now.

Reb. Mary said...

Gauntlets: This one puzzles me too whenever a kid gets to that age of pointing at pictures and wanting to know what the goat says. I tend to go with more of a "MWEEEH--EEH--EEH," though "MEEEEHHHHH" also seems appropriate.

Rebekah: Yeah, if only they could just milk themselves. I'm pretty sure I could talk the trustees into a nice little goat or two on the grounds but I'm too cheap to have one as just a pet, too attached to raise 'em for meat, and too busy to want another "kid" that needs such routine attention.

Rebekah said...

I've always gone with the initial "M-" for goats, and "B-" for sheep. To avoid confusion.