21 June 2008

Parallel play

With apologies to Wikipedia:

Parallel play is a concept from developmental psychology. It means mothers wiping off, feeding, sunscreening, locating, chasing, comforting, and/or punishing children side by side without interaction. It is commonly seen among mothers of children of ages 2 or 3 who only get to see each other once a year.

No further reports at this time as I'm still susceptible to the bends. (And actually, thanks to some very generous people, there was some group play as well!)

1 comment:

Gauntlets said...


I hope to stand near you whilst snarling pointlessly at my bubble heads again sometime.

PS -- said bubble heads missed the other CSPP children all the way through Iowa. We must-should schedule more playdates, you know, for the sake of the children. I'll bring the cider, girls! Unless something suddenly impairs my ability to get impaired. Then the whole deal's off. ;)