04 June 2008

My letter to the world that never wrote to me

Everything is not ok and I'm tired of pretending that it is.

There, I've said it, so now I can move on. Thank you; that was cathartic.

Extra credit if you can identify the contrived literary allusion in this post's title.


Rebekah said...

Uh oh. You didn't get that goat, did you?

I wish I could come over and cheer you up. Which I'm sure having four extra kids in your house would accomplish in no time. :P

I hope no one gets your allusion because the only thing more tragic than me not getting extra credit is if I don't get it and someone else does.

Pr. H. R. said...

Hmmm...given the author of this post, I'm going to guess either Austen or Dickinson. . .


Gauntlets said...

I recommend building a tall tower out of Lincoln Logs and then shooting it down. Don't invite the kids to play; they always get in the way of the bullets. ;)

And, um, Emily Dickinson? I tell you what, you put that depressing stuff away. Get you out some William Carlos Williams and look at all his pretty pictures, instead. Or e.e. cummings and have a good time scoffing at all the hedonism.

Yeah, those guys are both surefire cheer-you-uppers. I'm a good helper.

Reb. Mary said...

Nope, no goat. And I know you and your kids would cheer me. You do, even from afar ;)

By my arbitrary rules and due to my disinclination to feel favorably today toward people who are able to spend hours at a time away from their children and their messy kitchens, I declare HRC to be disqualified from extra credit. Gauntlets gets it.
Don't worry, Rebekah, you get consolation points for mentioning goats.

And Gauntlets, I'll forgive you just this once for calling ED depressing. How could a woman who lived life as an eventual recluse, wearing only white and flitting furtively about the grounds of her father's house, using Hyphens-and Capitalization- with- alarming--Abandon-- possibly produce works not conducive to mental health?

Gauntlets said...

Oh, dear. Sorry, Reb. Mary. That was another case of me preaching to me without thinking beyond my own face.

I find myself humming "the brain is wider than the sky" more often than what's good for me. ;)