13 June 2008

If you can't beat 'em

at least you can confuse them enough to get a few minutes' respite from the screaming.

I submit:

"QUICK!! [drop voice to urgent whisper] We have to be very, very quiet. How quiet can you be? We have to be sooooo quiet because we have to sneak up on the laundry. Shhhhh. Let's tiptoe so that we can sneak up on the laundry."


"WAIT! We can't cry now! It's 9:24! That means it's time to count down from ten in Spanish! That makes the dust bunnies dance!"

Yes, I'm pretty much certifiable.

Anyone have other examples to share?

Dontcha just love two-year-olds?


Rebekah said...

My preferred expression of insanity is regular threats to eat them, with detailed descriptions of how they will be prepared. Dad enjoys this also. They outgrow the crockpot so fast, though.

Gauntlets said...

Ha! I like that you sneak up on the laundry. More genius! Bravissimo!

We also do the clock thing, sometimes, when everyone is screaming. Sometimes the clock hands out treats, sometimes spankings. Clocks are so fickle that way. ;)