04 June 2008


15 She gets up while it is still dark; (the baby is crying)
she provides food for her family (it's the only way to get him quiet)
and portions for her servant girls. (where'd they get to, anyway?)


Gauntlets said...

Good point! I think about that bit a lot, and hope "clothing them in scarlet" has a variety of applications. . .

Rebekah said...

Also: She considers a field and waits for it to go on clearance.

Christine said...

I've read claims that our modern conveniences such as washing machines and microwave ovens are our "servant girls", so we're actually better off.

However, when the baby is crying while she waits for me to finish wrangling big sister down for a nap, my dishwasher isn't of much help, you know?

Not to mention all the complications created by such modern conveniences, such as the expectation of having freshly laundered clothes every day.


Reb. Mary said...

Christine: "freshly laundered clothes" is becoming an increasingly relative term around here...I'm all about lowering expectations :)
And for getting servant girls.