05 June 2008

Fill up that quiver!

I'd heard of an evangelical outfit called Quiverfull that falls generally into CSPP territory, but a reader has informed us that our similarities are very general indeed. Apparently these folks are opposed to fertility treatments that help people conceive. To each her own confession; maybe Quiverfillers don't believe in chemo either, and they probably wouldn't think much of our baptized babies (and do they have anything to say on the topic of mandrakes?). But I just wanted to clarify that CSPP has no problem with fertility treatments that are non-abortifacient and do not violate natural law (IVF, for example, fails on both counts; Clomid, to my knowledge, passes). Thanks to Christine for helping us define our terms. If it's broke, fix it!


Christine said...

When I was hanging around a QF-type crowd, extremity of belief seemed to equal godliness. The most extreme position required that one ignore all fertility signs one way or the other. Even planning a special date with one's hubby *wink wink* after checking one's temperature chart was seen as trying to wrest control of fertility away from God.

And no, I don't think mandrakes would go over real well, either!


Reb. Mary said...

"If it's broke, fix it!"

And if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it :)