25 June 2008

Conflicing absolutes

--5-yr-old vomiting upstairs

--2- and 3-yr-olds engaged in screaming death match downstairs over a book neither of them is supposed to have

--Infant afflicted with weltschmertz howling on behalf of fallen man and nature

--Food at various stages of preparation in ant-infested kitchen

--Unknown, undersupervised young children driving large motorized vehicles through our yard

--Me wondering if that bathroom trip I started planning an hour and a half ago is ever going to happen


Reb. Mary said...

I'm sure you've already heard that a little Borax sprinkled on your windowsills and other points of entry will do wonders to control the ant intrusions.

For the rest, you have my prayers :O :D

Gauntlets said...

Ah! Ants! In addition to the Borax as a preventative, mix in a spray bottle two parts vinegar to one part water and add two or three Tbs liquid dish soap. Kills ants thoroughly.

As for the unsupervised children in the yard, may I recommend a nice electric fence? Far more effective than barbed, and twice as fun. ;)