03 February 2008

Things you'd really rather not hear at 5 am

"I THROWED UP!!!!!!!!"

For once, my first instinct wasn't to correct the conjugation.

That was yesterday. By comparison, it was a wonderful relief to hear "I HAVE A BOOGER!!!" at 6 am today. Whatever stomach bug it was, it was violent but blessedly brief, and the boys were kind enough to share it with each other but not with us. It could have been much, much worse. We're all feeling great today, and we hope that our friends who were supper guests on Friday before Boy2 abruptly ended the party by, uh, returning the meal, can say the same.


Gauntlets said...

Why always at 5 a.m.? Why not at 9? FOR THE LOVE OF SALMON!! WHY?!?!?

Glad to hear it was a short-lived bugger. And booger. :)

elephantschild said...

OH. Yuck.

Two words: Loft Bed.

Yup. I think she achieved a six-foot diameter drop zone that night. THAT was fun.

Reb. Mary said...

Wow! I guess I should be really glad they're not in bunk beds yet. Hmmm. Ewww.

Anonymous said...

The dinner guests are fine! And we're looking forward to returning the meal too, just not in the Boy2 manner:) Oh, and when I said "call me in the morning" for the other post, I meant it. Maybe we'll hang out!

Rebekah said...

I have to say, I find it kind of endearing how they're so horrified by their own sickness. Our 3-yr-old is also given to making loud and stricken announcements of his ailments. Poor li'l dudes.